_To love = to share

Representing the text:

Gordillo told me:
“The autentic teachers are not those who teach you things, but those who make you love something.”
And i believed him
I love all this.

When we love we want to share. We want to offer all that we have. Like an expoltion. In this case the fall would represent that try to offer.



_(Μνήμες 2) Memories 2


Memories 2 is a continuation of Memories 1
Once Memories 1 was finished i clearly wanted to pass it into space.
The bases of Analytic Cubism have been the most important influence when
starting working. Analytic Cubism can expose the
mechanisms of the formation of an image. E
xtracts parts of a whole, highlights the, and creates multiple ways of view of that whole.
Using that idea i wanted to discompose Memories 1 and give an overview. I decided to play with another possible composition, work volumizing and generate movement while creating space. The important thing is to give a direct image to the viewer and create a volume where you will see all its impurities

Memories 1 is passed into space.
Now the legend is different. The viewer can surround each paper, observe it and
understand it better. The views are several. Layers were extruded so to enter. Enter my


greaseproof paper 100x70

cell, layers white

_(Μνήμες 1) Memories 1


Memories 1 is a ”multiple” project that started from the idea that the spaces
are formed of a number of different layers. While i was researching and
from some tests I did with tracing paper I realized that these layers that we know better are the closestThis also happens with our memories and our lives. Our life is formed by different stages, memories and moments of which the most familiar are the most recent.
So based on that idea I decided to create a book that would represent MY life
through different pieces of transparent paper that each corresponds to a memory, to a moment, a feeling, a sound ..  Things that have marked  me until now.
They are translucent and white papers. The idea was to subtly represent each
one of those moments, memories etc. Only with a simple manipulation of the paper
appropriate  for each case. The last layer represents my present and could be adding more layers / papers over time.
The number of issues would be 10 for personal reasons.
It is a very personal work done in a very special moment of my life. A project that helped me work with myself. Realize who I am, what I’ve done so far, how i work, and how would I like to work from now on.
It is important, in my opinion for an artist to know himself, to know his way of working, what he does, why  he does it and who for..


 greaseproof paper

cell, layers, white



This project is the representation of my house.
My house..  A luminous space. An interior space that communicates with the outside leaving sounds light and temperature entering  ..
It has its walls but it almost seems like not .. Based on this idea I started to remove the walls of the model of the house. So I would only keep the floor. A piece of paper with the plan marked would be the representation of my house.
Without wishing to be limited, just a piece of white paper would represent my
house but that piece of paper would be translucent and not opaque so to permit the communication as it passes around the house.


greaseproof paper

layers, white, memory